Our Ethos

Safi is committed to exceeding the apparel industry's international guidelines for safety, human rights, fair trade and environmental impact -- not because we have to, because we want to. After decades of repression, Afghan women have fought hard for their equality. The Safi factory is a safe haven where they can continue their path to self determination. Our employee training process mandates dignity and respect between male and female employees as a fundamental requirement for employment.

Our Reputation

From the day production began, Safi had to meet stricter compliance standards than most other apparel companies would ever face. How did we do it? First we recruited 70 English-speaking managers and sent them abroad to learn the industry's premier best practices. Then we let them recruit and train their own staff on our factory's state-of-the-art machinery. The result? DoD and NATO inspectors were amazed at how quickly Safi employees mastered their craft and began promoting us as "The Poster Child" of the Afghan First Program. Safi didn't just meet  the standards   -- we were the new standard.

Our Stability

Safi's founding board of directors and senior management are still in place, and we still occupy the same 5-acre campus that we began from seventeen years ago. In 2018, after a careful review of our human rights and business plans, OPIC extended Safi another round of financing to diversify operations. Now Safi can produce just about anything that is woven, including complex and custom apparel. We are fully insured and offer the best guarantee any manufacturer can: 100 percent. 

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