Safi Apparel Corporation's founding Board of Directors still remains together as the company's chief governing body, a commitment that has inspired customers and employees alike. This longevity also has deep roots, as some board members have been working with Afghanistan for decades. With such diverse backgrounds among its members, Safi enjoys an advantageous perspective to synergize business and social objectives without compromising customer requirements.

Ellis Robinson

Ellis is the visionary behind Safi and the company’s founding CEO. Where many only viewed Afghanistan as a conflict to be won or lost, he saw a population desperately in need of economic opportunity...  

Dennis S. Mackin

Dennis has served as Safi's lead corporate counsel since the beginning. His expertise in international law and accounting was a bedrock as the board navigated Afghanistan’s emerging laws...

Elizabeth Avellan

A passionate advocate and philanthropist, Elizabeth  has used her platform as one of Hollywood's most prolific female producers to champion the plight of women and girls around the world...

Jeff Fahey

Jeff is an international movie and television star, who has co-starred alongside many Hollywood legends. But his most important role is the one he has played in real life... 

Ambassador Michael Ussery

Returning to Afghanistan for Safi was a natural calling for former U.S. Ambassador Michael Ussery. As a young diplomat, Mike rode shotgun on cargo planes as they dodged Soviet anti-aircraft fire to air-drop aid over Afghan...

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